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                          Chairman’s Message to the Pupil-Teachers

Dear Teacher Trainees,

I am delighted that you have considered Shivalik College of Education, Udhampur for your voyage of discovery and development. I welcome you to this land of Dhruva, Devika and the Dogras.
In the world shrinking fast into a global village, characterized by knowledge, technology and the IT revolution, we believe that the profile of a teacher will have to be metamorphosed from the traditional 'Chalk-n-Talk' role to the teacher who is a 'facilitator' of knowledge, to the 'user' of multi-media channels of communication, ‘integrator’ of morality with modernity and an ‘accelerator’ of national development. We at Shivalik are geared for meeting these challenges of building a team of such professionally well-equipped teachers.

Your College campus is designed as per the NCTE norms. The Library system of the college is being 'bar-coded' and students and staff equipped with 'Smart Card' technology. The management of the college is ever committed to providing you with the best of human and material resources. The college is equipped with the latest technological advances in teaching methods viz., Multi-media projectors, Slide projectors, OHP's and Projection Microscopes. The technological resources should further help you to acquire modern teaching, learning and evaluation skills. I hope you will work in the most desired manner for their efficient and effective utilization.
We at Shivalik look for students who have seriousness of purpose both in the classroom and outside. We seek out those who take academic excellence, as the minimum required of them and are willing to steer their quest beyond the course requirements and the limitations of the examination system. I am sure you will find the B.Ed. Programme at Shivalik College useful, challenging and rewarding. This year is being dedicated for Integrating ICT in teaching and learning. You will be exposed to the world of internet & its various resources. ’.

Pupil-Teachers remember :-
Education is Transformation ! It is the Modification of Behavior !
Now, that you are a part of the Shivalik family, I once against welcome you to the Shivalik Teacher Excellence Programme (STEP). of transformation and modification of your teaching and learning behaviours. Wishing you the very best for a successful academic year !

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                   Mineesh Gulati